Sales Performance

The Sales Performance Quiz


Your audience’s perception is based as follows;-
What you say 55%
Tone of voice, the way you say it 38%
Facial expression, Body language 7%


It is important for clients to appreciate the difficulties your company has to overcome to deliver the product or service to them.


When you are closing a sale you do not need to be aware of the service clients can expect from your company, the aftersales service, the warranty, what to expect if something goes wrong.


When you have completed your presentation, a client asking questions is a sign that you probably will not close the sale.


Your job is to make absolutely sure the client clearly understands the achieved benefits you and your company and product bring them.


You know what is important to your client because you have dealt with all kinds of client before.


Open your presentation with your conclusion. The key points must be at the top. You can build the case later and repeat the points.


It is good practice to challenge perceptions and tell your client/buyer that you have carried out a re-evaluation of your range and would like to discuss their overall ranging requirements to see if you can offer additional products / services.


The number of contacts needed to make a sale is a function of many variables, but the higher the price and more complex the market and product, generally the more contacts are required to close a sale.


Marketing is everything that you do to close the sale and get a signed agreement or contract.

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