Supervisor and Performance Management

The Supervisor and Performance Management Quiz


the supervisor has to bridge the gap between the workforce and management, acting as a go-between, representing staff and their views and problems to management, and representing management to staff.


Some job roles are specifically to supervise a team of workers, and purely that, but almost all management positions include an element of supervision, as managers need to supervise their team members and their workload as well as perform their own work.


Supervisors are responsible for the development of their team, to ensure each individual has the skills to enable the team to run as effectively as possible and that the workgroup operates to optimum effectiveness.


An effective performance management system supports the cascading of organisational objectives from the management team down to the individual. It also will improve individual performance and in turn, team and organisational performance. It creates a transparent culture that engenders employee engagement and loyalty.


In preparation for a performance management meeting , or appraisal, a manager should;-
Choose all that apply


The appraisal meeting should; -
Choose all that apply


No preparation is advised for an appraisal meeting


In a pure supervisory role, for example in a process environment, or a call centre , the supervisors’ role is usually to;-
Choose all that apply


The supervisor will not be involved with the management team, and would not expect to attend management meetings, or be involved in setting production targets.


After the appraisal or performance review meeting has been held, both the appraise and the appraiser should have a clear understanding of ;-
Choose all that apply

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