The Franchise Model

The The Franchise Model Quiz

1. The advantage of the franchise system is that there is;-
Select all that apply
2. Fees charged by a franchisor may include;-
Select all that apply
3. The fees and royalties paid by the franchisee can be used by the franchisor to;-
Select all that apply
4. A franchisor cannot refuse to renew a franchise even if targets are not met.
5. As a potential franchisor you need to consider;-
Select all that apply
6. A franchisee need have no prior knowledge of their chosen industry sector, but it will usually improve their chances of success if they have an interest and some prior knowledge
7. To be suitable to franchise a business must be;-
Select all that apply
8. As you prepare to franchise your business, you will usually need to;-
Select all that apply
9. As a potential franchisee, the things you would be looking for in a franchisor would include;-
Select all that apply
10. In a Business Format franchise there is not usually a tightly controlled agreement as to how the business is run

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