The Workplace Stress Management Quiz

1. As a manager, if one of your staff says they are stressed and can’t handle their unreasonable workload, you; -
Choose all that apply
2. This responsibility means they cannot ask for deadlines and targets to be achieved.
3. Stress can produce symptoms that affect both the body and the mind. It does not affect behavior and emotions.
4. The manager’s role is to; -
Choose all that apply
5. Stress is never good for us and is always harmful.
6. Workplace stress only arises when the challenge is sustained for so long, or is so intense, that the person cannot reasonably bear the strain: when it exceeds their ability to cope.
7. Managers have a responsibility, at least morally, and in some countries, legally, to take care of their employees in terms of the workplace stress to which they may be exposed because management; -
Choose all that apply
8. According to research at Yale University, stress shrinks the size of your brain
9. Situations often associated with causing stress would include
Choose all that apply
10. Choose all that are true

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