Writing Business Documents

The Writing Business Documents Quiz

1. Memos do not begin with a greeting such as “Dear all”, or “Hello “ , .or end with a closing greeting such as “yours sincerely” or “regards”
2. A sales forecast;
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3. People who receive a CC (courtesy copy). Of a memo or email are not directly affected by the email, not required to do anything, but out of courtesy you are advising them of the contents of the email.
4. A report’s executive summary should;-
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5. Select a recipient to receive an email as a BCC (blind courtesy copy) if you want their email to be visible to everyone
6. A good sales report;
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7. When writing you should;
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8. Meeting Minutes should record;-
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9. The objective of a Reports’ Introduction section is to outline what the report will cover, so there will inevitably be some duplication of the contents of the executive summary.
10. A reports structure is important because;-
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