Writing Business Documents

The Writing Business Documents Quiz

1. Memos do not begin with a greeting such as “Dear all”, or “Hello “ , .or end with a closing greeting such as “yours sincerely” or “regards”
2. A sales forecast;
Select All Correct Answers.
3. A good sales report;
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4. Meeting Minutes should record;-
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5. People who receive a CC (courtesy copy). Of a memo or email are not directly affected by the email, not required to do anything, but out of courtesy you are advising them of the contents of the email.
6. Select a recipient to receive an email as a BCC (blind courtesy copy) if you want their email to be visible to everyone
7. A report’s executive summary should;-
Select All Correct Answers.
8. A reports structure is important because;-
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9. When writing you should;
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10. The objective of a Reports’ Introduction section is to outline what the report will cover, so there will inevitably be some duplication of the contents of the executive summary.

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