Readers Questions

To be relevant to most readers, who cover the Globe , your Readers’ Questions need to be quite general in nature. Problems with staff or managers are similar the world over, as are many business problems.

I hope that the advice I offer, and understanding of how to tackle the problem, may help others to solve their issues.

The questions will be presented anonymously, and may be edited slightly to make them more general.

Prepare a business case

Question I have been asked to prepare a business case -is this the same as a business plan, or a business proposal? Answer No, not at all. Each of these three has a very specific function, and they are used … Continue reading

Salvage a company’s reputation

I have a question. What is the best action after your company has received several bad reviews? I am the sole proprietor of my own business, and a couple of mistakes made seem to be damaging my reputation and is … Continue reading

A new company is going wrong

Thank you for the beautiful course outline. l live in Kenya and l started a little business of supplying local schools with waste bins. At the beginning, I was so excited and l did well because every school had a … Continue reading

Negotiating with an investor

Good evening I met a person that asked me if I need an investor in my business. So, how do I negotiate with him in a way that he will not steal my business idea? Answer A very difficult balancing … Continue reading

What benefits to offer staff

My business is doing well and I now have a little profit to divert to staff benefits. I want to attract and retain the best people. What benefits can I offer to staff? Answer There are many creative ways to … Continue reading

Producing a promotional plan

I would like to request you advise on the following query that I met in my job. I work in a profit seeking company yesterday they asked to make a “plan of the promotion” can you please help me? Answer … Continue reading

Staff who focus on problems

If you have people under you who do not touch on the positive things that go on, but dwell on the little things that goes wrong, please, how would you handle it? Answer There are many reasons why people behave … Continue reading