Research Lessons

How to Conduct Research Effectively

Define your Research How you carry out research largely depends on the project. As with many things we discuss, there is no absolute right or wrong way to research. We are often asked for advice by readers, so I have … Continue reading

Target your sources

Think about the kind of information you want and where you might find that information. If you want facts and figures about local spending, your local council website might have that. If you need marketing statistics, the major market researchers … Continue reading

Research Example

In the last module, we discussed primary, secondary and tertiary sources. Let’s consider what that means in practice. If you were conducting research on a new product your company had developed and is planning to launch, your primary research may … Continue reading

Types of research

The type of research you will need to undertake will also be governed by the field in which you work. If you are a scientist, your research will involve reading scientific journals and papers, getting up to date with the … Continue reading

How to write good questions

Your project, and the information you glean, will be very influenced by the quality of the questions you ask. So let’s spend a little time thinking about how to write good questions that will produce unbiased and clear answers, for … Continue reading


Plagiarism is defined by the English Oxford Dictionary as; “the act of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own “ The word is from the Latin plagiarius, which means kidnapping The Merriam Webster online … Continue reading

Presenting your findings

When you are writing your report consider the layout and your presentation. As always when presenting your findings, adopt a structured layout which clearly labels each section and allows for the fact that some readers will only want to read … Continue reading

Research, Small Business and Sales Staff Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of these modules of the “Research“, “Small Business” and “Managing Sales Staff” lessons in the Business Models Courses. You can navigate backwards and forwards to review your responses by using the appropriate buttons. … Continue reading