Role of the Supervisor Lessons

Role and Responsibilities of Supervisors

I am frequently asked to talk about the role and responsibilities of supervisors. Most managerial positions carry some aspect of supervision as part of their duties. Some job roles are specifically to supervise a team of workers, and purely that, … Continue reading

What does it mean to supervise?

Supervisors are responsible for the development of their team, to ensure each individual has the skills to enable the team to run as effectively as possible and that the workgroup operates to optimum effectiveness. They offer leadership to their team, … Continue reading

What skills does a supervisor need?

The skills a supervisor would need include; – emotional intelligence interpersonal skills empathy listening skills effective communication skills organisational ability time management risk management decision making skills problem solving skills delegation skills motivational skills coaching and mentoring ability It is … Continue reading

The “Added Value” of the Supervisor

As we saw in the last session, the supervisor has to bridge the gap between the workforce and management. It can sometimes be an uncomfortable role, as they must act as a go-between, representing staff and their views and problems … Continue reading