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I’d like to tell you about our course on sales performance. Successful sales people bear in mind their audience, their potential buyer or purchaser. This course will help you to get into the mind-set of a buyer, as it is written by a professional buyer with twenty years experience.

At the end of each lesson there are exercises based on the material contained in the lesson. The exercises will enable you to develop and implement a sales plan. If you complete them, you will end the course with a ready to go sales presentation. One that will increase your closing rate and get you noticed at work!

The exercise template will work for any product you sell in your career. So get yourself organised with a folder to keep all your exercises in, set aside some time to really hone your skills and your selling strategy, and get started!

Sales Skills

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The Training Course Includes:-

  • Develop a Sales Plan
  • Sales and Marketing –What’s the Difference?
  • Why Should Clients Buy your Product?
  • Review your competition
  • Are your Selling Points Unique?
  • Working on your Presentation
  • Understanding your client
  • Qualifying Clients
  • Why do people buy things?
  • Why you should welcome Sales Objections
  • Getting great testimonials
  • Presentation skills

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Training Course Details

Develop a Sales Plan

It has been said that businesses face two problems;-

  • Sales
  • Everything else

While this may seem glib, it is true that if the sales function is performing well, then all other problems are solvable.

Sales and Marketing –What’s the Difference?

It is vital that both Marketing and Sales departments work closely together to give the consumer a joined –up message and ensure the company can deliver what it promises.

Why Should Clients Buy your Product?

If you don’t know the answer to this question you will not be able to sell effectively to clients, because you will not be able to demonstrate to them why they should buy this particular item from you. Learn how to sell products and how to increase sales.

Review your competition

One of the most important things for a salesperson is to know and understand the market in which they are operating.

We will learn to review the market, and your competitors, carry out a SWOT analysis and acknowledge and deal with competitors’ relative strengths when speaking to your prospective clients.

Are your Selling Points Unique?

We will review your USP’s and expand the points as you would when talking to a client. Refer to the Value the USP offers the client, mention the features and benefits and review the benefits for the client. Then we will draw up your skeleton presentation plan.

Working on your Presentation

A well trained and prepared sales person, equipped with an outstanding presentation and the skills to deliver it well, stands a good chance of closing the deal.

Understanding your client

You need to find out what the client wants and tell them how you can give it to them. This involves not making assumption about the client. This is difficult for many sales people who are often geared up to sell what they have without any regard for the client’s needs.

Qualifying Clients

What happens if your prospective client doesn’t want to buy your product from anyone? This means that the client has not been correctly qualified by whoever produces your leads. What has gone wrong? How can you retrieve the situation?

Why do people buy things?

Well, the answer is not because they want the thing itself, but what that thing can do for them. People don’t buy a TV, they buy access to the programmes they want to watch in the best format available. What does your product do for your clients?

Why you should welcome Sales Objections

Most sales people dread them .You will learn to love them

Getting great testimonials

Having fantastic supporting material is an integral part of your sales presentation.

Testimonials are one of the strongest ways of doing this. What format should they be in, where will you display them?

Presentation skills

Are they listening to you? How good are you at getting your presentation across?

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