Salvage a company’s reputation

I have a question. What is the best action after your company has received several bad reviews?

I am the sole proprietor of my own business, and a couple of mistakes made seem to be damaging my reputation and is hurting my chances to acquire new clients.


As you are aware, this is a very difficult situation. Bad news travels faster than good news. It is well known that if you give good service your customers never mention it. If you give bad service, then they tell everyone they know!

First of all, you need to limit the damage. Can you make reparation to the clients you have offended? Even if this costs you money, it will be money well spent.
Then you need to examine your business critically and ensure there will be no further mistakes. Change your processes. Build in some feedback mechanism so that clients can tell you then and there if they are not happy and you can sort it out.

Ask them to contact you if they are unhappy with your service. Say something like “WE WELCOME YOUR FEEDBACK . My mission is for you to be delighted with my company and the service we offer you. If you are not delighted with our service and your experience with my company, don’t tell your friends, tell me so I can correct it! “

And then make a lot of noise about the changes you have made and your new, relaunched business model. Build it into the feedback process. Admit there have been problems, but say there will be no more. And then make sure there are not!

I hope this advice has been helpful to you . Good luck