Small Business Lessons

Establishing and managing a small business

I often see emails from readers asking for advice on establishing and managing a small business. Although the whole of the Management Skills Courses site is focused on advice for business, I do appreciate that starting a small business is a … Continue reading

Financing a Small Business

Many readers write to me to say it is very difficult for them to get funding to start a business in their country. Breaking news: it’s very difficult to get funding to start a business in any country. Investors are … Continue reading

Business Failure

Keep overheads low – This is one of the most important rules to follow for most small businesses. Unless you are a Silicon Valley start-up, with masses of funding, money will be tight at first. Most entrepreneurs put their life … Continue reading

Cost of professionals

Unless you are operating from your home, with no premises and no staff, you will need to engage some professional services, and these all come with a cost attached. As soon as you are dealing with clients and or have … Continue reading

Free advice and mentoring

Cash, as we know, is King. And you may not have spare money for professional advice, or not as much as you would like. There are many organisations that will offer help and advice to small businesses. Again, this will … Continue reading

Staff or contractors?

There is a significant amount of interest in this topic at the moment, in the UK at least. This is because the “gig “economy, as it I known, is very much in the news, along with zero hours contracts. Companies … Continue reading

Preventing Business Failure

We have already looked at the figures and know that there is a high failure rate for new businesses. Let’s take a look at what sets a successful business apart from the failures. We have dealt with all of these … Continue reading

Research, Small Business and Sales Staff Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of these modules of the “Research“, “Small Business” and “Managing Sales Staff” lessons in the Business Models Courses. You can navigate backwards and forwards to review your responses by using the appropriate buttons. … Continue reading