Staff offer suggestion on how things should be done

I have been newly appointed as a manager of a company. My team members always suggest that I follow their advice on the way to do things.

I however follow my own path most of the time, following my boss’s instructions to the letter.

This is souring the relationship between me and my employees.

I feel that I would eventually lose my role as a leader if I let them tell me what to do.

Otherwise, I fear I might lose their loyalty and eventually the smooth running of the company.

What should I do?

I would very much appreciate your help.

Thank you


This is a balancing act really. Your colleagues may have some useful advice to offer, especially if they have been with the company for some time. They know how things have been done in the past, are probably trying to help you , and you will rely to some extent on their cooperation and goodwill going forward.

But you do have to put your stamp on the job and develop your own way of doing things. This doesn’t have to be confrontational. Remember that one of your responsibilities is to develop a team so you need to give some credence to their ideas. It won’t hurt to listen to their suggestions, evaluate the options and make your own decision.

There is a middle route of compromise, always in this situation. You can let them guide you in the early days while you find your feet and then start to put your stamp on things as you see other, better ways of getting things done.

You don’t have to let them tell you what to do, but you could sometimes accept their advice if it is good. Do so graciously and thank them for their help.

In time you will find your own way of doing things and hopefully will have your colleagues on side., mutual respect and a strong team.

Good Luck