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The information contained in this course will be useful whether you are going to start a business or are employed in business and want to acquire management skills.

Here’s How You Can Run Your Own Business In Just 6 Lessons.

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The course will give you an understanding of business organization, why matters are structured in a certain way, and the financial and legal implications of taking on the role of company director. We will also guide you through the maze of starting a business of your own.

Starting a Business Small

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The Training Course Includes:-

  • Market Research
  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Company Structure
  • Directors Duties
  • How to Raise Finance for your Business
  • Managing your Cash Flow

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Training Course Details

Market Research

We will look at how to carry out or commission market research that will inform your planning of how to start a business; the issues you need to consider, the key questions you need to ask.

Developing a Business Plan

Then we will consider the development and preparation of a business plan. Not only is this a good discipline in itself, it is a key document for presentation to potential investors and financiers who will want to see evidence that you are clear on “why start a business” and “how do I start a business”. When financial institutions are considering applications, they look for a sound business plan, good cash flow management, a strong balance sheet, and a well-balanced management team. A business plan is a key first step.

Company Structure

We will consider the different types of company structure that are available, and the advantages of each, so that you can select the most suitable for your business. This is an important decision because the legal structure of the company influences the personal liability for the directors and the ability to raise funding for the business. It also impacts the liability for tax and the paperwork your business has to complete.

Directors Duties

Directors are personally subject to statutory duties in their capacity as directors of a company. They are personally liable, both civilly and criminally, for their actions or omissions when directing the company, and can be disqualified from acting as a director of a company. They can, in certain circumstances be made personally liable for the company’s debts. Director’s responsibilities include ensuring that the company trades lawfully and complies with all legislation and regulation, as they are responsible for the management of the company within the relevant legal system and the Articles of Association.

How to Raise Finance for your Business

Our lesson on raising finance reviews the traditional funding routes and looks at Angel Investors and the popular Crowd Funding approach. Potential investors need to ensure that their money will be well invested, and will expect you to be able to demonstrate that you have thoroughly researched the proposed business and are able to “pitch” your product or service to them. They will want to establish the potential risks and returns involved in doing business with you.

Managing your Cash Flow

And then a few words on cash flow, which is a crucial process. The most common reason for business failure is still the lack of funds to pay salaries, rent and other bills. Running out of cash is the reason for the majority of companies being forced into liquidation. Although profitability is important in the long run for a company, in the short run, cash flow has to be very carefully managed.

We offer some tips to help you take a proactive approach to managing debtors and keep credit management near the top of your list.

So read on to learn more about how to start a business, or to understand the structure and organization of the business that employs you.

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