Threatened With Potential Redundancy

Two years ago, I joined my current job as Procurement Officer at an International donor funded project.

Now there is news that this project is shutting down in few months to come and that a replacement similar project will pick a few but customizeable staff to join this replacing project.

The rest of the staff will be made redundant.

Do you have any advice to me and other staff to prepare for the coming redundancy? All these are expected to happen between 3 and 6 coming months from today.

I appreciate your response.


Well the first priority would be to try to get selected for the new project. To do that you should all work to the best of your ability to produce good enough results to be considered for it.

Then you need to find out who is making the selection of staff for the new project and let it be known to them that you are interested.

At the same time, you should have a back-up plan, searching for new employment. it is always easier to find a new job while you are in work, from the point of view of being desirable to potential employers.

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hope this helps