What are the priority tasks?

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I hope this finds you well. Thanks a lot for your teachings, I have gained so much.

My question is, what are the first things to do when you are given a business to manage in order to boost the sales of the business?

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I would begin by learning about the business and its existing clients and sales. Who are the clients? What is happening to the sales performance? Why?

You may need to take some short-term action if matters are urgent but try not to make any irrevocable changes until you have time to carry out an in- depth study and develop a promotional plan.

Then I would study the market, the competitors, and carry out a SWOT analysis. I have discussed this on the site, follow this link to review the article.
Review your Competition

In fact, the whole of this section on sales should give you some ideas and enable you to identify your unique selling points and develop or improve the existing sales and marketing plan.
Sales Performance

Then you will need to turn your attention to the sales staff, and again this section should be helpful for you. It is imperative that you have the right sales people in place, and they are equipped to sell the product effectively.
Managing Sales Staff

I have also covered the many types of marketing, advertising and promotional ideas that you can use when you are ready to further develop the marketing plan.
Marketing, Advertising and Promotional Ideas

Make action notes as you go through the articles, and you will probably find that you have an action plan at the ready.