What benefits to offer staff

My business is doing well and I now have a little profit to divert to staff benefits. I want to attract and retain the best people. What benefits can I offer to staff?


There are many creative ways to offer benefits to staff these days. Obviously, they would each need to be costed out by your accounts department, although some of the benefits are less tangible and cannot be accurately quantified.

As we discussed recently, an important factor for many successful people when choosing an employer is their reputation for commitment to staff.

Opportunities for promotion, a reputation for building your business by promoting from within, encouraging people to have a career path and stay with you, are all helpful policies, enabling you to keepp your workforce happy and productive.

Many employees consider that remuneration is the top consideration, but in fact a great benefits package can be much more enticing to ambitious, successful staff.

There are employee benefits providers who can manage this for you, acting as a portal to the benefits they have negotiated for their clients. They can allow you to access their packages online, and your employees can build their customized modular packages online.

Other benefits could be;-

  • A family friendly environment-an empathetic attitude to staff who have family commitments.
  • Good Pension arrangements
  • Working from home
  • Flexible working
  • Car leasing
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Good holiday allowance
  • Ability to buy and sell holidays
  • Medical plan -health and wellbeing
  • Dental plan
  • Career breaks
  • Staff discount on own product
  • Discount arrangements with retailers, theatres etc.
  • Gym membership
  • Online learning
  • Workplace Parking spaces, or discounted rates
  • Employee assistance schemes offering counselling, help in crisis and emergency
  • Social club
  • Chance to get involved with charity work

As you can see there are many varied and innovative benefits you could build into your employee’s packages

I hope this has been helpful to you