Who manages the managers?

In a situation where the top management are the cause of the problem, who will then play a critical role to address the gap that exists in an organization.


This depends on a number of factors and I don’t really have enough information here to address this properly. However, I will share some thoughts with you in the hope that they help

When readers send a problem in to me, please try to give me a little background so I can formulate an appropriate response. I appreciate you don’t want to write volumes, and I don’t want to read them, but I need enough to draw some conclusions.

So, returning our attention to the readers question, this depends on factors including; –

  • What is the problem?
  • Who says the management are the cause of the problem?
  • What sort of governance is in place -are there owners or shareholders who can bring the management to heel if they are indeed causing a problem
  • Is there a consensus of opinion amongst middle management, who can bring their views to the attention of senior management?

I hope the points I have raised indicate what I think might be the potential solution.

You talk about addressing “the gap that exists in an organization.”. In a company that has a formal structure, there are usually checks and balances in place to ensure there is not a gap.

Boards of Directors have a formal process, affording them the opportunity to challenge one another, call emergency Board meetings, have votes of no confidence or call for resignations.