Why Should Clients Buy Your Product?

9If you don’t know the answer to this question you will not be able to sell effectively to clients, because you will not be able to demonstrate to them why they should buy this particular item from you. Learn how to sell products and how to increase sales. In order to analyse how to sell products and how to increase sales you must absolutely know your product inside out.

If you don’t know the answer to this question you will not be able to sell effectively to clients, because you will not be able to demonstrate to them why they should buy.

What its features and benefits are, how it compares to competitors products.

The service clients can expect from your company, the aftersales service, the warranty, what if something goes wrong?

Who else is in the market? How much is their product? Is it exactly comparable?

If you offer a range of similar products, what is the “raison d’etre “for each product? If there is not a distinct reason for each product to be in the range, perhaps you should reduce the range? You should be able to discuss the client’s needs and then say to them “this is the one for you because …..”

Consider and list your company or product USP’s. These are the things you might say to a client to persuade them to buy from you. There should be at least 10, maybe more.

CIt is important to get this right because it will be the building block for your sales presentation, so please spend some time on it and maybe discuss with colleagues.

Then consider a prospective client, and review your list in terms of what each point means to the client –how does the USP relate to their Buying Decision?

For example, if you have listed as a USP that your product is cheaper than the competition, this translates for them as Value. Are they looking for the cheapest/best value?

Sometimes, depending on the client, you may have to look at it from their point of view to make a good pitch and convince them this is the product they need.

Walk a mile in their shoes.

Consider their situation, and why this is the right product for them. What can your product help them achieve?

What do they want to buy? Think of it as a buying point, not a selling point.

Another way of thinking about the same thing is to consider Features and Benefits of the product.

Sales people often describe features to clients, but it may not be immediately obvious to clients what value that feature is to them.

For example, you are looking to select a tablet to take on holiday with you to enable you to upload books, music and film and view and respond to emails. The sales person says that Features are ;-

  • Sim card port
  • Earphone/microphone
  • Data/power jack
  • Micro sd card

And that communication is

  • wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • 3GWWAN

This doesn’t necessarily mean you know if you can do the things you want. You need them to say ;-

There is a sim card port, which means that you can insert a mobile phone sim card and make/receive calls and connect to the mobile providers 3/4G. This means that you can use it as a phone as well as a tablet.

It has an Earphone/microphone. The earphone means that you can listen to

music/videos without interrupting other people near you. Having a microphone means that you can record your voice onto the tablet.

It has a Data/power jack which means that you can connect it to a network via a Ethernet cable, so you are not tied to just battery power, you can use it as a plugged in device.

It has a Micro sd card which means that the capacity of the hard drive can be increased by buying more sd cards, so you will have more memory in the device, increasing your capacity to upload books and films.

Communication is wifi which means that you can access the internet without using your data allowance allowed on the sim card, so it will save you money.

Communication is Bluetooth which means that you can connect to other bluetooth devices and exchange files/photos. This will allow you to send photos you have taken to family and friends.

Communication is 3GWWAN which means that if there is no wifi available you can use the 3g if supported by your sim card. This will allow you to access your emails in an area where there is no wifi.

The highlighted text is the point that is important to the consumer. They don’t need to know or understand the why or how of it, just what it means to them. This is the benefit to them.

When explaining features you should think “which means that” after the benefit and then complete the sentence for the benefit of the client.

Eg This suit is made of a wool polyester mix which means that it looks and feels expensive, and the wool gives it a warm handle, but the polyester element means that the price is slightly lower than pure wool, and the fabric does not crease as much as pure wool after packing or wearing because of the polyester element. This means that the suit is lower priced than pure wool, and will look better as it will not crease so much.

Now go back to your USP and think about a particular client you want to sell to. Select the USPs that relate to them, and write a sentence for each one to use in your presentation meeting. BUT reverse the order of your feature and benefit sentence, and begin with the benefit

This does xyz because it has this feature.

So give them the benefit, not the feature. Now you are showing them why this is the right product for them. This will help to increase sales-It is much easier to close the sale this way.


  • What are your USPs?
  • What value does each USP offer to your client?
  • What are the Features and Benefits?
  • Write a benefit and features sentence for each USP or Buying point.
  • Review the benefits for a chosen client