Writing Business and Personal Documents

hand-with-penWe get a lot of requests for advice on writing business documents, so we have developed this set of modules in response to those requests.

They are designed to help you look professional and earn the respect of your colleagues and managers by producing well written and well thought out business documents.

We take a general look at writing styles and offer specific guidelines on writing the kinds of business documents you might need to produce; such as a Business Plan, writing effective Meeting Minutes, business reports and plans, Memos and emails, Sales Reports and Forecasts. We also offer some advice on writing personal documents such as an application, CV and cover letter and personal statement.

Writing a Business Memo

The purpose of a memo, or memorandum to give it its full title, is to communicate information informally to people, usually colleagues in your own company. They are sometimes used to communicate information to people external to the company, especially … Continue reading

Writing Business emails

Email is probably the most prevalent, ubiquitous form of communication in many businesses today. But it is important to see email as the vehicle by which it is delivered, and not the type of communication it is. Business conventions should … Continue reading

Writing Effective Meeting Minutes

Format and style of meeting record The format, style and content required for Meeting Minutes will vary depending on the organisation, its formality, size and culture. This is a general guide and does not encompass fulfilment of statutory requirements, such … Continue reading

Writing Effective Business Reports

Before you start Before you even begin to research the report, be certain you and whoever has commissioned the report are clear and in agreement on the topic, scope, and objectives of the report. If this is a large project, … Continue reading

Writing a Sales Report

Most sales teams will hold weekly sales meetings, where reports are discussed, and sales achieved are compared to sales targets. Usually problems will be discussed, action taken where targets are not met, and success highlighted. Each sales representative will usually … Continue reading

Writing a Sales Forecast

Sales forecasting is important for any company’s planning purposes, it is key to budgeting, staff and resource planning, and management of all aspects of the business. Forecasts should be reviewed and revised regularly, in the light of actual sales figures, … Continue reading

Writing Contact Reports

A contact report is a record of a meeting between 2 parties, usually working on projects together. For example, a client and consultant, a salesperson and their client, a buying team and design team, a solicitor and their client. It … Continue reading

Writing Personal Documents

These are not strictly business documents but we do get a lot of inquiries for this topic. To write an effective application letter, you need to understand what the course, job or programme you are applying for is about, and … Continue reading

Writing a Personal Statement

You may be required to write a personal statement for a number of different reasons. You will include a short version on your CV, in the Profile Summary. Also you may need one for a college or university application. It … Continue reading

Writing a Job Description

This is an extremely important document. It is an essential part of the contract between employer and employee and ensures that both parties know what is expected of the role holder, even though many will contain a “catch all” such … Continue reading

Designing an effective performance management system

An effective performance management system supports the cascading of organisational objectives from the management team down to the individual. It also will improve individual performance and in turn, team and organisational performance. It creates a transparent culture that engenders employee … Continue reading

Prior to the appraisal

The process The appraisal meeting is the heart of the performance management system .It is the cornerstone of the process and as such , preparation and planning are the key to a successful programme. Prior to the appraisal meeting, the … Continue reading

Appraisal meeting

At the meeting, the manager should put the appraisee at ease, ensure they know what will happen at the meeting, discuss and agree the agenda at the outset , discuss and agree the outcomes, and write up the meeting. The … Continue reading

After the meeting

So after the meeting has been held, both the appraise and the appraiser should have a clear understanding of last year’s performance, What went well, what went badly, and how performance can be improved. They should also both clearly understand … Continue reading

Business documentation in decision making

In our section on business documents we have already looked at a number of basic business documents such as memos, letters, emails and business reports. Writing Business and Personal Documents Now in response to readers’ enquiries I want to distinguish … Continue reading

Preparing a business case

Why is a business case document important? A business case is usually an argument to convince decision makers to approve a business action. It can be used to get approval for a project, obtain resources for a project, or document … Continue reading

Researching the business case

Writing the business case document is the end goal of this process. Researching it and defining it comes first, before you write anything. So, as in all things, preparation is key. Getting things right at this point can allow your … Continue reading

Producing the business case document

The document itself is aimed at people who will make the decision but who may not have technical or detailed knowledge of the subject. So, assume no prior knowledge, and avoid jargon or references to previous papers on the subject. … Continue reading

Business proposal

A business proposal is a written document sent to a prospective client in order to obtain a contract to perform a specific piece of work A business proposal offers a specific product or service to a potential client. There are two types … Continue reading

Writing Business Documents Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of these modules of the “Writing Business Documents” lessons in the Business Models Courses.  The 12 lessons can be seen here; Writing Business Documents You can navigate backwards and forwards to review your responses … Continue reading