Writing Business and Personal Documents

Writing Business and Personal Documents is a skill well worth cultivating. We get frequent requests for help and advice on writing both official and personal documents, and I know from feedback received that you will find this series invaluable and that it will stand you in good stead on your career path.

In todays joined up world, we all communicate with each other in writing, via the internet using email, Facebook, twitter.

Almost anyone who wants to hold down a job will need to be able to write effectively, communicate well and project a professional image.

In this section we will cover Emails, Meeting Minutes, meeting Reports, Business proposals, Business case, Customer contact reports, Letters, Memos, Sales reports, and Sales forecasts.

These powerful articles will give you an awareness of written communication skills and help you deploy them to produce effective personal and business documents. You will gain valuable knowledge that will enable you to approach these tasks with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to do all this in a professional manner, using the insights gained here.

So select this course to access the clearly presented information, that you will return to time and time again to assist you in tackling writing tasks.